A.I. Product Optimization

Automated, High-Quality Content Creation using A.I.

The AI tool automatically generates engaging, unique, and SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. It's designed to emulate natural language while incorporating key selling points and relevant keywords.

This feature saves considerable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual content creation. It ensures consistency in quality across all product listings, enhancing the overall brand image and customer trust.

A few useful Data Optimizations

  • Optimize titles and descriptions
  • Generate new descriptions
  • Translate product data to any language
  • or any other data optimization that you need

Multilingual Support for Global Reach

The AI can translate and localize product feeds into multiple languages accurately. It goes beyond literal translation by adapting cultural nuances, making the content relatable to various regional markets.

This capability opens up new global markets for businesses, allowing them to expand their reach without the need for extensive language expertise or resources. It also enhances customer experience by providing information in their native language.

Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

The system analyzes performance data to provide insights on how different aspects of product feeds impact sales and visibility. It can suggest changes or automatically implement improvements based on this analysis.

TThis ongoing analysis and optimization mean that your product feeds are always up-to-date with the latest market trends and consumer preferences. It helps in making data-backed decisions that can lead to increased sales and improved ROI.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

Designed for easy integration with existing e-commerce platforms, the tool minimizes disruption to current workflows. The interface is intuitive, requiring minimal technical expertise to navigate and utilize effectively.

The ease of integration and use means that businesses can start benefiting from the AI tool quickly, without a steep learning curve or significant changes to their existing operations. It ensures that all levels of users, from tech-savvy to novices, can leverage the tool's capabilities effectively.

You are in good company

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Frequently Asked Questions

This process involves using artificial intelligence to analyze, enhance, and manage product feeds. The AI examines various aspects of your product data, such as titles, descriptions, and attributes, and optimizes them for better performance on search engines and e-commerce platforms.

The AI uses advanced algorithms to understand context and search trends, creating unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. It considers factors like keywords, relevancy, and customer search behavior to ensure the content is both appealing and effective

Yes, our AI tool supports multilingual translation, ensuring your product feeds are accessible to a global audience. It doesn't just translate but localizes content, considering cultural nuances and regional language variations.

By optimizing titles and descriptions, the AI ensures that your products rank higher in search engine results and on e-commerce platforms. This improved visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and potentially increased sales.

Absolutely, our tool is designed for seamless integration with a range of e-commerce platforms. We prioritize ease of use and minimal disruption to your existing operations.

No, our tool is user-friendly and designed for users of all skill levels. It features an intuitive interface that makes navigation and utilization straightforward, even for those with limited technical background.

The AI analyzes performance data to identify trends and insights. It can automatically adjust your product feeds based on this analysis to continuously improve performance and adapt to market changes.

We offer comprehensive support including a dedicated customer service team, online tutorials, and a knowledge base to ensure you can fully leverage the capabilities of our tool.

Yes, one of the key features of our AI tool is its ability to learn and adapt continuously. It stays updated with the latest market trends and consumer behaviors, ensuring that your product feeds remain optimized over time.

What our clients say

Andreas & Monica Muntean Starshiners

Andreas & Monica Muntean

Business Owners @StarShinerS.ro

“ We are extremely satisfied because we managed, finally, to have a clear vision, with the help of the migration to POAS, on everything that means profitability and correct setting of product prices + detection and adjustment of unnecessary costs. ”



Cofounder EvoMarketing Agency

“Tidy Shopping has proven to be a very versatile solution for segmenting product feeds. We use it in most online stores, and we have been able to adapt the segmentation variants according to the specifics of each store. To remain competitive this solution is a MUST!”



Founder of Terramin Mesh Marketing Agency
 Terramin Mesh Marketing Agency

“TidyShopping has transformed our Google and Meta Shopping routine setup into a breeze! The interface and smart search functions is a joy. Seamless integration with Google and Meta accounts. This app has truly simplified and enhanced our agency experience – a must-have for anyone who loves efficiency and time savers!”



Owner OaleSiTigai.ro
Oale si Tigai

“In a few words, this tool is beyond any expectation. The best comparison I’d find for is with the Genie. As long as you know what you wish for and can articulate and request it accordingly, this tool most probably would grant it. I highly recommend it.”



Reprezentant SoundHouse

“This platform's automation of performance data analysis for thousands of products has eliminated manual efforts, allowing us to optimize budgets and focus on high-performing items. Tidy Shopping has revolutionized our approach to product feed management.The customer support team's professionalism and responsiveness are top-notch, earning them a perfect score.”

Cristan Oprea

Cristian Oprea

Founder @ Digitaly Inc. Agency

“ Tidy Shopping, our e-commerce lifesaver! It's a powerhouse, turning product feed management from a chore into a cheer. Sales have doubled, costs are tamed, and our PPC campaigns are sharper than ever. Thanks to its AI wizardry, our product titles and descriptions are now cutthroat competitive. ”

Vlad Tofan

Vlad Tofan


“ This innovative tool has not only helped us identify the most sought-after and profitable products among customers but has also streamlined the entire process of managing my product catalog. The professionalism and responsiveness of the customer support team deserve a perfect score—10+ ”

Andreas & Monica Muntean Starshiners

Sorin Vîlcea

Agency Founder @ClickBrainiacs
Click Brainiacs

“ The Tidy Shopping Platform is really awesome. Until discovering it, we were forced to manually analyze the performance data for thousands of products across campaigns to focus the budget on the top performers and avoid overspending on non-performing items. ”

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