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-20% Google Shopping CPC

Google CSS Brand Service

  • Up to 25% CPC boost for Google Shopping Ads for all your customers
  • Up to 5% additional free clicks
  • Free inbound leads
  • More data for campaign optimization
  • Increased visibility & reach
  • Strengthens your brand
  • Google expert status
Google Shopping CSS Partner Benefits

Shopping ads can yield up to 5% more free clicks, which you are not currently receiving.

Clicking the "by CSS"/"by Google" link in Shopping Ads incurs no cost to the advertiser's online shop. This is reasonable, as the traffic is directed to the CSS's price comparison site, not the shop itself.

These CSS sites typically feature sponsored products and often display over 1,000 different retailers, resulting in the advertising shop not retaining any of its own traffic.

Our solution guarantees that all of this free traffic is redirected to your inventory, as our white label CSS price comparison site exclusively showcases your products, excluding those of your competitors.

Agencies with their own CSS automatically generate inbound leads

Online agency prospects often use Google Shopping either for personal purposes or to monitor the effectiveness of their ads and those of their rivals.

Agencies possessing their own CSS become highly visible to this audience, appearing millions of times. Potential clients can easily identify the agency behind the ads and can promptly initiate contact.

At Tidy Shopping, we regularly attract inbound leads from retailers who have noticed our brand on Google Shopping and are actively seeking assistance with online marketing.

This experience motivated us to develop our white label CSS solution specifically for agencies.

The CSS Center holds crucial data for enhancing campaigns, which an external CSS provider typically doesn't utilize

The Google CSS Center offers informative reports and insights regarding its Merchant Centers.

This information is valuable for refining campaigns and rapidly identifying any issues, particularly when managing multiple Merchant Centers.

While an external CSS provider may not leverage this data to enhance your Google shopping campaigns, you have the opportunity to do so!

The CSS status from Google visibly establishes expert credentials.

On Google Shopping, CSS providers are immediately recognizable. When it's an agency, this instantly signals their expertise in Google Shopping Ads and in-depth understanding of CSS.

Such a prominently displayed expert status aids in attracting new clients and employees, reinforcing the unique selling proposition (USP) of the agency.

Utilizing a CSS can result in up to a 25% increase in CPC bids.

If you haven't signed up with a CSS, Google Shopping Europe (GSE) automatically becomes your default CSS. GSE takes a cut from all CPC bids, and while the exact percentage isn't disclosed, it's estimated to be around 20%.

Consequently, a CPC bid of €1 effectively wields only €0.80 in bidding power. To achieve the full €1 effectiveness, the CPC bid needs a 25% increase (from €1 to €1.25), as €1.25 less 20% equals €1.

Without utilizing a CSS, you end up paying more for the same ads compared to competitors, resulting in a significant competitive disadvantage.

You are in good company

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) program, initiated by Google, enables online retailers to feature their products on Google Shopping. This program involves partnering with various Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) providers, through which retailers can advertise on Google Shopping, enhancing their visibility. The inception of the Google CSS program followed a €2.42 billion fine imposed on Google by the EU Commission in 2017 for breaching EU competition laws. The ruling highlighted Google's preferential treatment of its own service, Google Shopping, over other price comparison sites, leading to a mandate for fair competition.

Consequently, Google Shopping Europe (GSE) was established as a separate entity, serving as the default CSS provider for merchants not aligned with any other CSS. To sustain economically, GSE is believed to retain about 20% of all CPC bids, effectively utilizing only 80% of these bids for shopping ads. However, selecting an alternative CSS partner, such as Tidy Shopping, exempts retailers from this fee, potentially raising CPCs by up to 25% compared to using GSE.

To switch to a CSS, retailers must register with a CSS provider, which then submits a switch request to the relevant Merchant Center. Once approved, Shopping Ads not only gain the CPC advantage but also display the name of the chosen CSS provider, enhancing the ad's credibility.

To qualify as a Google CSS provider, certain criteria must be met, which can be a complex and unfeasible task for many agencies or shops.

This is where our services become invaluable. We handle all the requirements, ensuring our clients don’t need to worry about the intricacies involved.

The prerequisites for becoming a Google CSS provider include having a registered business in an EU country and owning a Google Merchant Center account. Additionally, you must operate a price comparison website equipped with a competent search algorithm, including filtering and sorting capabilities. For certification in each country, your site should feature products from at least 50 local retailers, and ideally, it should allow comparison of offers from multiple providers for each product.

At Tidy Shopping, we diligently ensure that our customers consistently meet all Google CSS requirements. Our expertise in this area is solid, as evidenced by our 100% success rate with clients in the triple digits and no violations of Google policies. This is largely due to our close collaboration with Google in developing our White Label CSS solution, ensuring complete compliance.

The process for setting up your own white label CSS with us is straightforward:

Data Collection: We gather essential information to attain CSS status, such as your company name and preferred CSS name. This step usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Creation of Your Price Comparison Site: We build a white label price comparison website that fully complies with Google's CSS standards. This site will feature listings from over 3,000 merchants, along with sorting and filter options. It's high-performance, multilingual, can be hosted on your domain, and includes links to your homepage.

CSS Application Submission: We handle the submission of your CSS application to Google. Typically, Google sets up your CSS account within a week or two.

CSS Configuration and Onboarding: Once Google approves, we configure your CSS optimally and provide you with a thorough onboarding process.

We assist you throughout and after the setup process.

The Google CSS program is currently active in 21 European countries and Tidy Shopping White Label CSS solution works in all of these countries. The countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

The Google CSS program operates irrespective of the bidding strategies, campaign configurations, or account settings.

When employing a CSS, the effective Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Shopping ads can rise by up to 25% across all configurations. Moreover, the CSS provider's name is prominently displayed at the bottom of the shopping ads.

Yes, you can use free listings when using a CSS.

What our clients say

Andreas & Monica Muntean Starshiners

Andreas & Monica Muntean

Business Owners

“ We are extremely satisfied because we managed, finally, to have a clear vision, with the help of the migration to POAS, on everything that means profitability and correct setting of product prices + detection and adjustment of unnecessary costs. ”



Cofounder EvoMarketing Agency

“Tidy Shopping has proven to be a very versatile solution for segmenting product feeds. We use it in most online stores, and we have been able to adapt the segmentation variants according to the specifics of each store. To remain competitive this solution is a MUST!”



Founder of Terramin Mesh Marketing Agency
 Terramin Mesh Marketing Agency

“TidyShopping has transformed our Google and Meta Shopping routine setup into a breeze! The interface and smart search functions is a joy. Seamless integration with Google and Meta accounts. This app has truly simplified and enhanced our agency experience – a must-have for anyone who loves efficiency and time savers!”



Oale si Tigai

“In a few words, this tool is beyond any expectation. The best comparison I’d find for is with the Genie. As long as you know what you wish for and can articulate and request it accordingly, this tool most probably would grant it. I highly recommend it.”



Reprezentant SoundHouse

“This platform's automation of performance data analysis for thousands of products has eliminated manual efforts, allowing us to optimize budgets and focus on high-performing items. Tidy Shopping has revolutionized our approach to product feed management.The customer support team's professionalism and responsiveness are top-notch, earning them a perfect score.”

Cristan Oprea

Cristian Oprea

Founder @ Digitaly Inc. Agency

“ Tidy Shopping, our e-commerce lifesaver! It's a powerhouse, turning product feed management from a chore into a cheer. Sales have doubled, costs are tamed, and our PPC campaigns are sharper than ever. Thanks to its AI wizardry, our product titles and descriptions are now cutthroat competitive. ”

Vlad Tofan

Vlad Tofan

“ This innovative tool has not only helped us identify the most sought-after and profitable products among customers but has also streamlined the entire process of managing my product catalog. The professionalism and responsiveness of the customer support team deserve a perfect score—10+ ”

Andreas & Monica Muntean Starshiners

Sorin Vîlcea

Agency Founder @ClickBrainiacs
Click Brainiacs

“ The Tidy Shopping Platform is really awesome. Until discovering it, we were forced to manually analyze the performance data for thousands of products across campaigns to focus the budget on the top performers and avoid overspending on non-performing items. ”

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